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Rob Munro on the Church Society, Reform, FWS merger from Church Society on Vimeo.

Rob Munro on the proposed merger

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Posted by Rob Munro, 4 Mar 2018

Rob Munro, the Chairman of the Fellowship of Word & Spirit and a member of General Synod, speaks about the many positive aspects of the proposed merger between the Fellowship, Church Society, and Reform.

Hello, my name’s Rob Munro. I’m the Rector of Cheadle, but I’m also the Chairman of Fellowship of Word and Spirit, also a member of General Synod. And, as it happens, serving a Church Society Trust patronage church, and a member of Reform.

Why do I think bringing together Church Society, Reform, and Fellowship of Word and Spirit is a great idea?

Well, I don’t just think it’s a good idea. I think it is actually, probably God’s idea for us. because it does seem to me if we ever ask the question, “How will God bring revival to the nation?”, there’s nothing in Scripture to indicate that it will come by politicking or by expressions of power. It will come when, as a sovereign work of the Spirit, he renews us in our commitment to his word and his truth. And the expressions of that in the life of our church, of course, will be our unity, the very thing for which Jesus prayed, our commitment to bring the gospel to our churches and to the nation. And that will be achieved when we stand together.

I do believe that this is a work of the Spirit of God. I do believe that we are called to stand together for the sake of the nation at a time when the Church of England is struggling to exercise real influence over the moral life of the nation, or indeed to exercise faithfulness to its call to uphold biblical truth. And conservative evangelicals who share the same Reformed theology and share the same commitment to contend for truth for the nation, it seems to me, do need to be together seeking God’s face, praying, supporting one another in that work, playing our part within the Church of England to see it transformed.

I believe this merger will help us to do that far better. I believe it will help strengthen the hand of Bishop Rod Thomas who will be President of the renewed Church Society and thereby enable him to have a much more definite constituency in support of his ministry. But more importantly, I think it will strengthen our fellowship together so that we can bring the gospel more clearly to our nation.

The constituent bodies are being asked to join up to Church Society ahead of an AGM in May so the middle of March is the deadline to do that. Please if you haven’t done so follow the easy links from the Church Society webpage. There are discounts to Reform and FWS members who are doing it for this first year as we re-form and renew Church Society.

But more importantly, I wouldn’t just encourage you to do it because of the need for membership for an AGM: this is a need for our nation. Conservative evangelical theology is under pressure within the church and within the nation. We need to stand together to bring the truth clearly. It’s an exciting time because I believe if this is a work of the Spirit of God it will be a mark of him seeking to renew us and to revive us. It will bring a strength to our fellowship. The Fellowship of Word and Spirit has always been committed to that approach.  Our conference will carry on under the new body bringing a proper - conferring two conferences - proper engagement, prayer and support of one another.

That is expressed locally in different ways as we stand together in Christ. So let me encourage you strongly: join in with what I believe is a work of the Spirit of God and providence, a time to seek unity in the gospel for the sake of our church and for the sake of our nation. Come and join us!

If you’d like to join Rob as a member of Church Society, click here.

Revd Dr Rob Munro is Rector of St Mary's Cheadle, Chair of Fellowship of Word and Spirit, and a member of General Synod.

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