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Reformation 500 Magazine

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 29 Jun 2017

Featuring articles by Andrea Ruddick and Kirsty Birkett, we are pleased to publish a special Reformation 500 Magazine. This replaces the normal summer edition of Crossway.

In place of our usual summer edition of Crossway, Church Society are pleased to publish this special Reformation 500 magazine. Containing articles by two Church Society Council members, Dr Andrea Ruddick and Dr Kirsty Birkett, the magazine provides a thorough introduction to the Reformation. Andrea’s article explores the medieval background to the events of the 16th century, while Kirsty identifies key figures of the Reformation era and explains their contribution to its revolutionary events and teaching.

We hope that you will enjoy this Reformation-themed edition and perhaps consider passing it on to others. Additional hard copies may be obtained by contacting the office at and the magazine is also available to read online.

Ros Clarke is the Associate Director of Church Society

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