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My Bible Animals Storybook

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Posted by Julie Woolford, 24 Oct 2019

Julie Woolford reviews this book of Bible stories for young children by Dandi Daley Mackall.

Cover of My Bible Animals storybook

This fun approach to the Bible storybook format takes you through the Bible via a zoological route. From Genesis to Revelation, 30 stories are shared, all of which contain different animals. Each story is carefully paraphrased to use simple words that young children can access; then there are ‘Amazing Animal Facts’ before a ‘What it means to me’ section, Bible verse and prayer.

Picture of a rectangular goat eye!

I read through this book with my six and four year olds. The structure – story, facts, application – is easy for children to follow and just the perfect length/mix for bedtime concentration spans. Their eyes light up as the time for amazing animal facts is announced. We’ve read all the stories increasing our knowledge of creatures great and small along the way. Did you know that a goat’s eye pupil is rectangle shaped?! I also loved that each story ends with some application, that is well pitched for their ages. I developed the pattern of breaking the closing prayer into short sections for my children to repeat after me, which worked well due to the good use of simple language.

Inevitably, the commitment to an animal-centred structure does restrain selection of Bible stories. In particular the crucifixion is not explicit or explained and Jesus’ resurrection reduced to one sentence, which is why this book shouldn’t be the only or main resource to use with your children.

Over all, we have enjoyed using this book and I would recommend it to parents to supplement/vary their Bible reading with their children as part of ongoing discipleship.

Julie Woolford is married to a curate in Blackburn diocese, and is the mother of four young girls.

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