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Lee on the Lectionary: A new regular video feature on the Church Society blog

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Posted by Sophia Akouo, 27 May 2016

Introducing a weekly 5 minute exposition of the Anglican Lectionary readings for each Sunday. Lee Gatiss begins with the readings for this coming Sunday.

Many churches across the world use a lectionary, or set pattern of Bible readings, each Sunday in their services. The Church of England along with many other churches uses (a form of) the Revised Common Lectionary (or indeed the Book of Common Prayer’s own lectionary). There are many advantages to using a lectionary; as Jim Packer says, “it is good to follow a Lectionary, because Lectionaries exist to ensure that everything of importance in the Bible is, in due course, read aloud in church.” But there can also be problems and criticisms levelled at certain lectionaries of course; as Packer goes on, “the Lectionary gives us the Bible in bite-sized pieces and this can create a problem of understanding when, as here, the set lesson picks up near the end of a document that was written to be read as a unity.”

More could of course be said on that subject. Nevertheless, the fact is, many if not most Anglican churches use the lectionary to guide them each week, in at least one of their services. In order to serve them, and their ministers, we will therefore be providing here a weekly commentary / exposition of the set readings for Sunday. We hope that it will be of use to those who wish for whatever reason to follow along with the readings used across the Church of England as a whole.

The expositions will be in the form of a short video each week, approximately 5 minutes long. They will be presented by Lee Gatiss, who writes a weekly column in the Church of England Newspaper, commenting on the Lectionary readings. They will not, however, be taken from each week’s copy of the paper, so there is still a good reason to buy the paper and read his fresh columns each Friday! The videos will attempt to cover all three main readings, whereas Lee’s column currently focuses on the continuous expository series laid out in the lectionary (currently a 6 week series in Galatians).

The first video is attached to this post. We hope you enjoy hearing about the set readings for this coming Sunday (the first Sunday after Trinity), which can be read here.

Sophia Akouo is an ordinary Anglican churchgoer who enjoys listening to good talks.

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