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Launching the Church Society Podcast

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 11 Sep 2017

The first episode of the Church Society podcast features interviews with Bishop Wallace Benn, the President of Church Society, and Dick Farr, the Chairman of the Church Society Trust.

I’m very excited to announce that the first episode of the Church Society Podcast is now live!

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This episode was mostly recorded at JAEC and features:

- an interview with Bishop Wallace Benn and his wife, Lindsay, about retirement, Church Society, and advice for those starting out in ministry
- the Reformation Song
- Dick Farr explaining the intricacies of the patronage system

You can listen to the podcast simply by clicking on the link above. If you’d like to subscribe to the podcast so that you never miss an episode, the feed is here. You’ll need to have a podcast app on your phone or other device. The podcast should also be available via iTunes later today. Not sure how to listen to a podcast? Take a look at this beginner’s guide.

The podcast will be broadcast every Monday morning. Future episodes are planned on subjects including theological education, the church and media, an interview with Lee Gatiss and more. Once a month the podcast will be a discussion of a book and the first of these will be on October 8th, where I’ll be discussing Tish Harrison Warren’s book, Liturgy of the Ordinary, with Amanda Robbie. If you’d like to read the book and send in your thoughts or questions by 28th September, we’d be happy to discuss them in the episode.

If you have other suggestions or ideas for the podcast, please do let me know at

Happy listening!

Ros Clarke is the Associate Director of Church Society

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