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Picture of a town with church spire and the words 'The Gospel in the Parish'

JAEC 2018: The Gospel in the Parish

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 12 Apr 2018

The 2018 Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference will be held on 28th-30th August on the theme of 'The Gospel in the Parish'.

What does gospel ministry look like in 21st century parishes across the country? This year’s JAEC looks at the nature of pastoral ministry in the context where most of it happens: the parish church. Bishop Wallace Benn will open the conference by asking ‘What is a parish church?’ Johnny Juckes and Lee Gatiss will both consider the task of pastoring in a parish church, drawing on their own experience of putting the biblical mandate into practice. Shaun Morris will help us to understand what the priorities should be in parish ministry, while Mel Lacy will speak about the task of pastoring children and young people in the parish. Bishop Nick McKinnel will give us our final Bible reading to encourage us to go out and put all that we have learned into practice.

On the middle day there will also be the opportunity to attend seminars on:
Evangelical Ministry in a non-Evangelical Parish, Paul Darlington
Growing a Parish Church, Simon Vibert
Working with Volunteers in the Local Church, John Truscott
Opportunities in Non-Parish Ministry, Sarah Morris
Pastoral Work in the Local Church, Rachel Browning
The Parish and the National Church, Lee Gatiss
Getting Through a BAP, Phil Moon

There will also be a panel discussion on the theme of ‘The Parish in the 21st Century’.

About JAEC
This conference aims to help us be more effective as Anglican Evangelicals, making the most of every opportunity to reach the lost for Jesus, build up the church through his word, and send workers into God’s harvest field. If you are in Anglican ministry, lay or ordained, and at any stage from exploring ministry through to a first incumbency, you are warmly invited to JAEC. Spouses and family are also very welcome to attend.

Download the brochure and booking form.  For any further enquiries or for printed brochures, please contact the office.

Ros Clarke is the Associate Director of Church Society

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