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JAEC 2017: what people were saying

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 12 Jul 2018

Delegates at last year's JAEC conference told us what they appreciated about it.

“This year’s JAEC was the best I’ve been to (and the others were excellent!); we were fed by some excellent speakers, who all made sure to consider how what they were teaching might practically apply to our lives. We have been built up and prepared to seek the Reform and Renewal of the Church of England, for the glory of God and the good of England. JAEC ‘aims to help us be more effective as Anglican Evangelicals, making the most of everyopportunity to reach the lost for Jesus, build up the church through his word, and send workers into God’s harvest field’. and this year’s conference has gone a long way towards achieving that aim.”

“The way it accurately reflected life in the Church of England. The treasury of the prayer book, the discussion and value of history, the diverse group of members (in belief and background), the sense of internal disagreement, yet equally strong sense of fellowship. All enjoyed in a sober, clean, even puritanically austere setting. Also the flashes of emotion—which seemed to come most sharply when singing hymns. Speaking of evangelism, it’s often said that what you win someone with is what you win them to—it’s an inelegant phrase but isn’t this JAEC? Thank goodness.”

“Meeting like minded people many of whom were at the same stage of their journey in ministry as myself. There were also not too many people so mixing and moving around was easy. The talks were excellent and I also found it helpful to get advice in one to one discussions on my pending interviews for curacy.”

“This conference does a good job of living out what Anglicanism is and why it is a treasure to defend.”

“Excellent to have a good range of colleges represented this year, and to bring evangelicals together. I really liked that.”

delegates enjoying JAEC 2017

“It was a throughly enjoyable conference, listening to good teaching, meeting with others who, at the same stage of ministry as myself, buying great resources and being in fellowship with other people who see the need for reform within the Church of England. I look forward to coming next year!!”

You can read a full report on last year’s conference here.

JAEC 2018

We hope you will join us this year! Click here for all the details and to book for the 2018 conference: The Gospel in the Parish.



Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society

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