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JAEC 2017: Celebrating the Reformation

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 28 Sep 2017

Revd Dr Mike Reeves, President of Union School of Theology, spoke at JAEC 2017 on the theme of celebrating the Reformation.

The theme of JAEC 2017 was Reforming and Renewing the Church, and it was wonderful to begin with Mike Reeves’ lecture on ‘Celebrating the Reformation’. Mike spoke about the five solas and particularly emphasised soli deo gloria: to the glory of God alone. He spoke about the need for a right fear of God and awe at his glory, and explained how this should affect everything we say and do.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be posting more of the JAEC talks and we hope that you’ll will find them as stimulating and helpful as those of us on the conference did.

Ros Clarke is the Associate Director of Church Society.

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