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JAEC 2017: Reformation and the Bible

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 21 Sep 2017

Lee Gatiss's talk from JAEC 2017 on Reformation and the Bible, from 2 Timothy 3: Judge the times in which we live; Avoid charlatans in the church; Endure suffering in godly imitation; Continue using the Bible in every ministry.

At this year’s conference, Church Society Director, Lee Gatiss, challenged us to think about reformation in the contemporary church. He advocated a strategy found in Paul’s charge to Timothy in 2 Timothy 3. We need to be realistic about the times in which we live. We need to avoid charlatans in the church and false teachers, dissociating from them in areas of ministry, meals and money. We need to endure the persecution and suffering which will inevitably come our way. And, of course, we must hold fast to the Bible which makes us wise for salvation, and use it in every kind of ministry.

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society

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