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Fellowship of Word and Spirit Archive

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 27 Sep 2018

Resources and publications from the Fellowship of Word and Spirit, including the Orthos booklets, are now available on the Church Society website.

As part of their commitment to Reformed theology, the Fellowship of Word and Spirit published some excellent papers and booklets, which we are now delighted to host here on the Church Society website. The collection includes authors such as J.I.Packer, David Peterson, Paul Gardner, Wallace Benn, Simon Vibert and others writing about subjects ranging from ‘Reforming the Denomination’ to ‘Healing in the NT’. There are papers on contemporary issues such as homosexuality and ‘The Church in the Age of the TV Image’ as well as more timeless questions of Spiritual Growth and Ministry.

We hope that this resource will provide much to stimulate your thinking and deepen your faith.

In due course we also plan to transfer the resources from the Reform website here.

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society and Course Leader of the Priscilla Programme

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