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Feed My Sheep: the Anglican Ministry of Word and Sacrament from Church Society on Vimeo.

Feed My Sheep: The Anglican Ministry of Word and Sacrament

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Posted by Lee Gatiss, 10 Jan 2017

Lee Gatiss talks briefly about our new book, which is essential reading for anyone thinking about Anglican ministry.

Jesus said he is the Good Shepherd that God’s people need to lead and protect them. This short but meaty book explores the meaning of ordination and what it means to serve as under-shepherds of the flock.

The book looks at how to nourish congregations through preaching and the sacraments, and the wider context of the Anglican Communion. It is essential reading for anyone considering or involved in Anglican ministry.

Chapters include: Lee Gatiss on protecting the flock (2 Timothy 2:14-26), Mike Smith on “my sheep hear my voice” (John 9-10), Bishop Julian Henderson on “feed my sheep” (John 21), Tim Ward on Anglican preaching, Nigel Atkinson on the meaning of ordination, Andrew Atherstone on the Lord’s Supper, and Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali on the Anglican Communion.

The book is available exclusively from the our online shop here.

Lee Gatiss is the Director of Church Society.

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