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Dick Farr on the Church Society, Reform, FWS merger (1). from Church Society on Vimeo.

Dick Farr on the Proposed Merger

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Posted by Dick Farr, 28 Feb 2018

Dick Farr, the Chairman of the Church Society Trust, speaks about the advantages for smaller evangelical churches in the proposed merger between Church Society, Reform, and the Fellowship of Word and Spirit.

Dick Farr, you’re the chairman of the Church Society Trust, our patronage arm. Why do you think it’s a good idea that Church Society, Reform, and the Fellowship of Word and Spirit should be working together more closely?

Dick: I think it’s much better if evangelical organisations are seen to be working more closely together. And by coming together in this way we can speak much more effectively to the institution of the Church of England and to the country at large.

We’re patrons to lots of small and rural churches around the country. How will this move help those sorts of churches and others like them?

Dick: Hopefully on the one hand it will give them a place to come to for resourcing and for encouragement. It will also bring them into contact with more parishes that are similar to them and it will also enable them to speak with a clearer voice to the needs that they have.

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Dick Farr is the Chairman of the Church Society Trust and Associate Vicar of St John's, Tunbridge Wells.

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