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Crying in the Wilderness

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 9 Nov 2017

Church Society are delighted to partner with the Fellowship of Word and Spirit in hosting their annual conference once again.

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With the final shreds of Christian roots all but vanished from our culture, how do we now step forward in our gospel mission?

Johnny Juckes will be taking Bible readings from 1 Samuel, exploring God’s sovereign answer to human chaos.

David Walker will take us back to the mission of God’s Missio Dei and consider again this great mission in the shifting sands of a spiritual desert.

Jason Ward will grapple with the slippery topic of contextualisation, as he surveys our mission field; the fluid culture of options we are immersed in.

Geoffrey Firth will cast his eye over the mission vehicle, the church, and reflect on our inherited structures, current controversies and emerging strategies.

For more information about the conference, and to book, please see the Fellowship of Word and Spirit website. There is a £30 discount available to any non-ordained members of Church Society.

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society

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