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Church Armour: A Short Catechism

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 14 Nov 2017

A Short Catechism for Young Churchmen was published as a Church Association Tract from Rev. W. F. Taylor.

Catechisms are having something of a small revival since the New City Catechism was produced by Crossway earlier this year, including both a traditional question-and-answer catechism, and also an expanded version with Bible reading, prayer and devotional commentary for use by families. The idea of catechism as part of confirmation or baptism preparation is also beginning to gain favour again. Of course catechism is nothing new for Christians in general, nor for Anglicans in particular. George Herbert commended the practice to The Country Parson, and Cranmer included a catechism in the BCP. You can find a modern language version of that in the English Prayer Book.

The Short Catechism for Young Churchmen, published as a 19th century Church Association Tract, is based on the Thirty-Nine Articles, and as such is particularly suitable for use in catechism for confirmation or baptism in the Church of England. Possibly a few of the questions and answers could bear a little modernisation, as could the title (watch this space…), but in general the catechism is clear and comprehensible as it stands.

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society

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