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Christmas resources round up

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 12 Dec 2017

Ros Clarke collects together some of the best resources for Christians at Christmas.

Nativity plays
James Cary (The God Particle, A Monk’s Tale) has written THREE different nativity plays, suitable for use in churches, as well as two puppet sketches and two Christmas readings available in The Christmas Collection.

I wrote a Nativity play set on Twitter a few years ago: The Natwivity.

This Nativity play from Tearfund has options for narrated or dialogue versions.

Christmas videos
Wrapping Paper by Co:Mission is a very sweet story, using a battered teddy bear to explain how Christ comes to rescue and heal us.
Are You Ready For Christmas? would be ideal to use if you’re giving away Roger Carswell’s book of the same name, but excellent even if you aren’t!
Meet the Nativity is a four-part Christmas time-travelling romcom from Glen Scrivener. The final part will be online on Christmas Day, but each part has a clear connection with the first Christmas. Could be a great thing to structure a Christmas Eve service around, and then let everyone go home to watch the final video.
If you can’t face doing your own nativity play, the Characters of Christmas is a lovely video to show instead.

Christmas music
If your children know ‘My God is so big’, this is a great version to sing at Christmas:

Prepare Him Room from Sovereign Grace has some beautiful new Christmas songs, including the title track:

Christmas colouring
I love these big colouring posters. You can buy the pdf and print them out either to tape together, or take to a print shop to get them on one large sheet. Would be excellent for a Sunday school, or as a children’s activity at a Christmas event.
The Good Book company also have a large colouring poster to go with The Christmas Promise.
Or buy a set of these Nativity Colouring Christmas Cards for children (or adults) to enjoy colouring and then giving.

Christmas reading
It seems odd to me that there are so many Christmas-themed evangelistic books and hardly any for Christians. I’ll be reading Carl Laferton’s Spiritual Healthcheck during the twelve days of Christmas (and a few days after that, since it has 16 steps).
For more seasonally-themed reading, you might try Tim Keller’s Hidden Christmas or Advent devotionals by Tim Chester or John Piper (read two each day to be finished by the end of the Christmas season).

There are also lots more great ideas and resources for children and families at Christmas at Faith in Kids.


Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society

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