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Church Society: Best of 2018 theology

Best of 2018: Theology

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 19 Dec 2018

Our annual round-up of some of our top posts from the year are a good chance to catch up on anything you might have missed.

At Church Society, our publishing ministry has the goal of equipping the whole church to be able to contend for the truth and more discerning in recognising error. We publish Churchman, a quarterly theological journal which aims to equip ministers, students and others with high quality academic theology. Here on our blog, as well as in our magazine, Crossway, and on the Church Society podcast, we are able to publish a wider range of content which we hope will be accessible to everyone, and can be more responsive to issues in the church and in our society. Here’s some of what we published online in 2018:

Inclusive Church: Nick Gowers exposed the theological vacuum in David Ison’s inaugural Inclusive Church lecture.

The Problem of Love: Mark Burkill responded to the Royal Wedding sermon, showing how what is not said matters as much as what is.

Church Discipline and the Lord’s Table: Ro Mody examines 1 Corinthians to see what Paul has to say about church discipline and the Eucharist.

Other Religions and the Worship of Demons: Ro Mody explains the problem with participating in communal meals with people of other faiths.

A Worthy Understanding of the Sacraments: Robert Brewis looks at some background to our understanding of the sacraments and then examines the Articles to see what they teach on this matter.

Worthy Reception in the Historic Formularies: Adam Young concluded our short series on worthy and unworthy reception of the sacraments by examining the historic formularies of the Church of England.

None Like Him: Ros Clarke and Amanda Robbie discuss Jen Wilkin’s book on the incommunicable attributes of God.

Ministry and the Missio Dei: Dave Walker and Jason Ward share highlights from the 2018 FWS conference.

And don’t forget Lee Gatiss’s Lent blog posts working through the Apostles’ Creed:
Introduction: A Revolutionary Act

A Declaration of Dependence

The Most Profound Truths

The Author of Perfect Happiness

Who’s the Boss of You?

The Miracle of Christmas

The Crucial Moment

A New World

Is Jesus a Spaceman?

Nothing to Scoff At

Helper of the Weak

Mother Church

The Blessings of the Gospel

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society and Course Leader of the Priscilla Programme

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