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Church Society: Best of 2018 the rest

Best of 2018: The best of the rest!

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 3 Jan 2019

Our annual round-up of some of our top posts from the year are a good chance to catch up on anything you might have missed.

And finally in our 2018 round up, here’s a miscellany of what we’ve published on a range of topics:

Prayer and Bible reading
As part of our Lent series, Ash Carter gave us a set of posts explaining the Lord’s Prayer:
Introduction: A Model Prayer?

An Outrageous Prayer

A Dangerous Prayer

A Submissive Prayer

A Daily Prayer

A Glorious Prayer

A Transforming Prayer

A Victorious Prayer

A Prayer of Celebration

Daily refreshment: Sophie Bannister encouraged us to read the Bible daily, with some useful practical suggestions.

Prayer books: Ros Clarke and Amanda Robbie discussed the value of written prayers, with some suggested resources, in the podcast, and also looked at J.C. Ryle’s Do You Pray? in this short summer podlet.

Women’s ministry
Encouraging Women’s Ministry: a discussion with staff at Christ Church, Chadderton

The Priscilla Programme: Amanda Robbie interviewed Ros Clarke about the new online training course for women run by Church Society in partnership with Union School of Theology.

Music in church
When Good Musicians Can’t Be Found: Chris Edwards explored various solutions for churches without good musicians.

Music Matters: Matt Searles discussed the question of how to make church music a help and not a hindrance in this podcast episode.

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society and Course Leader of the Priscilla Programme

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