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Church Society: Best of 2018 pastoral theology

Best of 2018: Pastoral Theology

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 31 Dec 2018

Our annual round-up of some of our top posts from the year are a good chance to catch up on anything you might have missed.

Contending for the faith includes living in accordance with that faith in every aspect of our lives, and so we publish content that we hope will help all Christians grow in grace and godliness and in particular, resources to help respond to complex contemporary issues. Here’s some of what we published online in 2018:

Spiritual abuse: John Telford looked at this new category and offered helpful advice on how to acknowledge and avoid it.

An Evangelistically-Effective Baptism Policy? Tom Woolford presented his research on the evangelistic outcomes of different baptism policies.

“Micro-cheating” - is that a thing now? Phill Sacre explained why both purity and platonic friendships are to be valued.

Quarrelsome Christians are not wise: Lee Gatiss reminded us that meekness is not weakness, especially as we engage with our opponents.

Ministry and Mental Health: Mark Meynell talked about his own struggles and his new book on the subject in this episode of the podcast.

Singing the Psalms: Matt Searles explained the importance of the psalms in Christian devotional life and corporate worship in this podcast.

The Sheep Are Starving: Excerpts from Paul Darlington’s seminar from JAEC, on ministering in a parish that has not traditionally been evangelical.

Pastoring Young People in the Parish Church: Mel Lacy’s talk from JAEC 2018.

There’s also our series on the Ten Commandments from the 2018 Lent blog posts:
Introduction: Grace Upon Grace

Remember Not to Forget

Images of the Unimaginable

What’s in a Name?

A Weekly Blessing

It’s For Your Own Good

Every Life Matters

Don’t Be Seduced By Sex

Be Content With That

Truth and Justice

Inside and Out

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society and Course Leader of the Priscilla Programme

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