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Church Society: Best of 2018 Anglicanism

Best of 2018: Anglicanism

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 27 Dec 2018

Our annual round-up of some of our top posts from the year are a good chance to catch up on anything you might have missed.

One of our particular concerns in our publishing ministry is to equip Anglicans to understand what that means and to respond to current issues that the denomination is facing. 2018 has been a year full of challenges for the Church of England, but also with much to be glad about, especially from the GAFCON meeting in Jerusalem. Here’s some of what we published on Anglicanism and the Church of England in 2018:

Guides to Flourishing: Chris Kilgour examined the new CofE resource looking at the Five Guiding Principles to mutual flourishing and Lee Gatiss responded to further concerns in Withering on the Vine.

Wait Not For The Bishops!: Andrew Atherstone’s article on J.C.Ryle showed how foolish it would be to expect bishops to be the leaders of revival in the church.

GAFCON reflections from Chik Kaw Tan and Tom Woolford.

The Empire Strikes Back: Gerald Bray’s Churchman editorial on GAFCON.

Responding to the Lichfield Ad Clerum, Response to Ely Cathedral’s Support of Pride Festival, Eucharistic Signalling, Transgender Liturgies, and Transitioning a Liturgy: responses to specific actions and reports on sexuality and gender.

Flourishing in a Hostile World and Flourishing in the CofE today: Lee Gatiss and Rod Thomas’s talks from the Church Society Conference are well worth listening to for historical and contemporary perspectives.

GAFCON: Lay member of General Synod and GAFCON delegate, Chik Kaw Tan talked to Ros in this podcast episode, explaining what GAFCON is and why it matters.

Churchwardens: One of our most popular podcast episodes, in which three churchwardens talked about their role in the parish church.

Intentional Discipleship: Ros Clarke and Amanda Robbie discussed the Anglican Communion report on Intentional Discipleship and Disciple-Making

Ros Clarke is Associate Director of Church Society and Course Leader of the Priscilla Programme

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