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Anglican news

Posted 4 Jul 2019

Latest statistics on recent senior appointments in the Church of England.

Senior appointments of women
Since the enactment of the legislation for the consecration of women bishops in 2014:
• 22 women have been ordained bishop;
• 4 women have been appointed deans
• 23 women have been appointed archdeacons
• 31 have been appointed as residentiary canons

Senior appointments of traditional catholics and conservative evangelicals
The diversity monitoring data for those appointed to senior roles since that time indicates that 3 bishops (1 diocesan and 2 suffragan) and one archdeacon identify themselves as either traditional catholic or conservative evangelical. None of those appointed as residentiary canons do. It should be noted that the labels which people use to describe their church tradition do not necessarily correlate with whether they are unable for theological reasons to recognise the priestly or episcopal ministry. We are unaware of any diocesan bishop appointed since 2014 who is in that category.

Senior appointments of clergy from BAME backgrounds
Since the establishment of the Turning Up The Volume (TUTV) task group in 2012:
• 4 BAME clergy have been ordained bishop;
• 4 BAME clergy have been appointed deans
• 41 BAME clergy have been appointed archdeacons
In 2012, only 1.1% of clergy in senior appointments were of BAME heritage, compared to 2.8% of clergy overall. Currently 3.2% of senior clergy were from BAME backgrounds, compared to 3.7% of all clergy. This increasing representation is due to initiatives such as the Wilfred Wood programme, Unconscious Bias training, and the involvement of more BAME clergy in the Strategic Leadership Development Programme.

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