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We update our blog several times a week, with news and comment on ministry, theology, the Bible, liturgy and issues of the day.

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April 2019

Here are the Church Society blog posts in April:

Church Society Podcast: Primer
Lee on the Lectionary: Second Sunday of Easter (Year C)
The Church Society Annual General Meeting 2019
Fight Valiantly! This Happy Contention
Fight Valiantly! Godly Engagement
Lee on the Lectionary: Easter Sunday (Year C)
Fight Valiantly! Agreeing to Disagree?
Fight Valiantly! Guarding the Flock
Fight Valiantly! Doctrinal Discipline
Fight Valiantly! The Antidote to Fear
Fight Valiantly! Equipping the saints
Lee on the Lectionary: Palm Sunday (Year C)
Fight Valiantly! Politicians of the cross
Church Society Podcast: Evangelism Four Ways
Fight Valiantly! Not By Force
Fight Valiantly! The Ongoing Battle
The Puzzle of Secularism
Fight Valiantly! Thirty Theses on Contending
Fight Valiantly! Intolerable Tolerance
Lee on the Lectionary: Lent 5 (Year C)
Spring Crossway
Fight Valiantly! Asymmetrical Warfare
Church Society Podcast: Discipleship and Catechism
Fight Valiantly! Dedicated Missionaries of Error


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