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We update our blog several times a week, with news and comment on ministry, theology, the Bible, liturgy and issues of the day.

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March 2019

Here are the Church Society blog posts in March:

Live the Word
Fight Valiantly! Strong and Stable
Putting Your Hand Up for Deanery Synod
Fight Valiantly! Unspiritual worldly wisdom
Fight Valiantly! Crystal Clear Courtesy
Lee on the Lectionary: Lent 4 (Year C)
Churchman Spring 2019
Fight Valiantly! Contending not conforming
Fight Valiantly! Servants of a Gracious Lord
Church Society Podcast: All Hallows, Bispham
Fight Valiantly! Demonic Deceitful Doctrine Disallowed
Fight Valiantly! Shame on You
Fight Valiantly! Spiritual Warfare
Lee on the Lectionary: Lent 3 (Year C)
JAEC 2019: The Future Starts Now
Fight Valiantly! No inheritance, no partnership
Fight Valiantly! Paul’s Anathemas
Church Society Podcast: Gay Girl, Good God
Fight Valiantly! Out of this world
Fight Valiantly! The Corinthian Purge
Fight Valiantly! The Heresy Steeplechase
Lee on the Lectionary: Lent 2 (Year C)
Fight Valiantly! Contending Like Jesus
Church Society Podcast: Singleness
Fight Valiantly! Contending for the faith in Jude
Fight Valiantly! Contending in Philippi
Fight Valiantly! Contending Words
Fight Valiantly! The Need to Contend
Lee on the Lectionary: Lent 1 (Year C)
Better Bishops
Church Society Podcast: Gospel Flourishing


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