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We update our blog several times a week, with news and comment on ministry, theology, the Bible, liturgy and issues of the day.

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March 2018

Here are the Church Society blog posts in March:

A Submissive Prayer
A Dangerous Prayer
An Outrageous Prayer
Lee on the Lectionary: Palm Sunday (Year B)
Introduction: A Model Prayer?
Inside and Out
Church Society Podcast: Churchwardens
Truth and Justice
Be Content With That
Don’t Be Seduced By Sex
Lee on the Lectionary: 5th Sunday of Lent (Year B)
Every Life Matters
It’s for your own good
Church Society Podcast: Prayer books
A Weekly Blessing
What’s in a Name?
Images of the Unimaginable
Lee on the Lectionary: 4th Sunday of Lent (Year B)
Remember Not To Forget
Simon Tomkins on Church Society
Holiness in Exile
Grace Upon Grace
Amanda Robbie on the proposed merger
Church Society Podcast: Hailsham Parish Church
Rob Munro on the proposed merger
Jake Eggertsen on the Church Society, Reform, FWS merger.
The blessings of the gospel
Charlie Skrine on the Proposed Merger
Mother Church
John Simmons on the Proposed Merger


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