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We update our blog several times a week, with news and comment on ministry, theology, the Bible, liturgy and issues of the day.

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February 2016

Here are the Church Society blog posts in February:

Hanging upon God
Ministry Monday: The whole Bible for the whole church
Reach, Build, Send: this year’s Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference
Devilish faith
Formulary Friday: Help!
The ancient rock of Christian religion
The most precious jewels
Justice and mercy embrace
Ministry Monday: A surprising logic of pastoral counsel
Alien righteousness
Help is on its way
Rotten fruit
Theology Thursday: The future of liberalism
Counterfeit Holiness
Dust to Dust
Topical Tuesday: the CS-FWS Conference
Ministry Monday: Applying myself to Bible reading
How to Understand Scripture
The best book to read is the Bible
No stinking puddles!
The Preface to the Homilies
George Whitefield on the Homilies
Ministry Monday: Corporate Sin
Formulary Friday: Being ‘Churched’
Theology Thursday: The Life You Never Expected
Ministry Monday: Be Faithful! Remaining Steadfast in the Church of England Today


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