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Posted by Ros Clarke, 16 Jul 2018

Mark Lucas, Rector of St Botolph's, Barton Seagrave, and St Edmund's, Warkton, gives Ros a flavour of the local geography and history, as well as talking about the church, the parish, and the hopes for the future.

In this episode of the podcast, Ros is chatting to Mark Lucas about his churches, life in Northamptonshire, and his hopes for a future church plant on a new housing estate.

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Picture of JAEC 2017

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 12 Jul 2018

Delegates at last year's JAEC conference told us what they appreciated about it.

“This year’s JAEC was the best I’ve been to (and the others were excellent!); we were fed by some excellent speakers, who all made sure to consider how what they were teaching might practically apply to our lives. We have been built up and prepared to seek the Reform and Renewal of the Church of England, for the glory of God and the good of England. JAEC ‘aims to help us be more effective as Anglican Evangelicals, making the most of everyopportunity to reach the lost for Jesus, build up the church through his word, and send workers into God’s harvest field’. and this year’s conference has gone a long way towards achieving that aim.”

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Picture of the cover of Transgender Liturgies

Posted by Edward Keene, 12 Jul 2018

Ed Keene reviews Martin Davie's Latimer Trust volume on the issue of proposed transgender liturgies.

In July 2017 the General Synod passed a motion calling for the House of Bishops to consider preparing liturgical materials to mark a person’s gender transition. Although this Latimer Briefing was written in anticipation of this specific event (and indeed to persuade Synod not to pass said motion), it remains extremely useful reading in the aftermath, not least in the absence of a fully developed literature on Christian responses to transgenderism and transsexuality.

The transgender phenomenon is still relatively new to the field of post-modern identity and sexuality debates, one professional quoted in this book identifying an exponential growth of gender dysphoria cases since 2000. To some extent, transgenderism, and its wackier cousin, transspeciesism, have opened rifts in the revisionist camp, with more “traditional” feminists objecting to the threat to women’s privacy that it constitutes and other wings of the movement criticising the disrepute into which such permutations of alternative identity, by loose association, bring them.

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