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Welcome to Church Society online. We are a fellowship contending to reform and renew the Church of England in biblical faith. On this website, you will find details of our conferences, publications and other resources, as well as our regularly updated blog and weekly podcast.

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 24 Jun 2019

Lee Gatiss introduces his two new books and looks forward to this year's Junior Anglican Evangelical Conference in this week's podcast episode.

Fight Valiantly and 10 Crossways

Light After Darkness cover

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Picture of a city skyline with construction and Renew 2019

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Posted by Ros Clarke, 20 Jun 2019

This year's ReNew Conference will focus on ‘multiplying ministries’ in light of the certain return of the Lord Jesus and the eternal realities of heaven and hell.

This year’s annual ReNew conference has a future focus, under the theme of ‘Multiplying Ministries in the Light of Eternity’.

Speakers will include the Most Revd Dr Laurent Mbanda, Archbishop and Primate of the Anglican Church of Rwanda, and Vice-Chairman of the GAFCON Primates Council and Canon Theologian Dr Kendall Harmon, from the Diocese of South Carolina as well as Rico Tice, Brian Elfick, Richard Leadbeater, Lee McMunn, Ian Somasundram, and William Taylor.

The conference will take place on September 16-17, at The Queen’s Hotel in Leeds. We hope to see many Church Society members and associates there!

You can find all the details and booking information on the ReNew website.

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Posted by Lee Gatiss, 19 Jun 2019

Lee Gatiss's series of short video expositions of the weekly lectionary readings is now mostly complete.

Three years ago, Lee Gatiss began the task of filming a short video exposition of the lectionary readings allocated for each week of the church calendar. The series has been warmly welcomed, useful for preachers, and offering insight and application for us all.

The first video was posted in June 2016, for Proper 7 in year C. We have now come full cycle, since this coming Sunday is Proper 7 in Year C. You can find the video for this week’s lectionary readings here. Because of the vagaries of the church calendar, there are still a few gaps which Lee will complete in due course.

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