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Posted by John Percival, 13 Nov 2014

As well as showcasing some of the best articles from the Church Society archives, here at Theology Thursday we also have the exclusive scoop on the current edition of Churchman.

So we’ll be giving away (yes, for free!) some of the highlights from Churchman hot off the press! We are unashamedly excited about our journal, Churchman, and we want everyone to see how good it is. So keep your eyes open for selected book reviews, article extracts, and editorials. And if you want the full thing, with much more content, delivered right to your doorstep, head on over to our subscriptions page. Here, Mark Smith reviews Peter Sanlon’s, Simply God: Recovering the Classical Trinity.

‘Why should I buy thee? Let me count the ways…’ Dr Sanlon’s fine new book, Simply God, deserves a place on your bookshelf for a number of reasons.

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Posted by Lee Gatiss, 11 Nov 2014

Lee Gatiss considers the news that many Anglican clergy do not actually believe in God.

It has been reported in the press that 16% of Anglican clergy are “unclear about God” and 2% are actually straightforward atheists. This puts me in mind of the infamous Anthony Freeman, whose book, God in Us: A Case for Christian Humanism, I read and studied closely as an undergraduate considering full-time ministry many years ago. ‘I do believe in God,’ said the Revd Freeman, ‘and what I believe about him is that he doesn’t exist.’ Or something along those lines.

It seems harsh to say I was heartened by his subsequent discipline and removal from office. But it was good to know there were limits to the breadth of the Church of England. Perhaps this was an aberration, however, with a particularly conservative (and Anglo-Catholic) bishop being responsible for such a common sense policy.

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Posted by Lee Gatiss, 7 Nov 2014

Lee Gatiss spoke recently at a conference celebrating the 300th anniversary of George Whitefield. The video and audio of his talk is now available to watch or download.

Lee speaks about Whitefield’s commitment to the Anglican Formularies: the Thirty-nine Articles, the Prayer Book, and the Homilies, so it is a very appropriate talk for today’s Formulary Friday!

Lee’s talk can be watched above or downloaded from the website of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, along with the audio-only version.

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