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Welcome to Church Society online. We exist to strengthen local churches in biblical faith and to help shape the Church of England now and for the future. Do take a look at our blog, publications and other resources here.

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Posted by James Taylor, 28 Jul 2014

Church Society is excited to be partnering with Reform and the Anglican Mission in England to host ReNew; a national gathering of incumbents, church staff, senior lay leaders, and ordinands.

The conference strapline is: ‘Advancing Anglican Evangelical ministries for the salvation of England’. The objective is clear, but the territory hard and the obstacles many. Various recent decisions and current trends and movements within the Church of England may leave us wondering where we go from here.

The foundations of the conference will be Bible readings from 1 Timothy and plenary lectures from Church Society Council member Mike Ovey on the person and work of Jesus Christ.

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Posted by Mark Smith, 25 Jul 2014

The Church of England has created a new website which promises to tell you ‘all you need to know about choosing, planning and going to a Church of England christening’. How far does it succeed in this endeavour?

Let’s start with a positive. The fact that the church is seeking to provide clear and accessible resources for those considering having their child baptised is much to be welcomed.

Enquiries about baptism continue to represent a vital point of pastoral contact in the parish, especially with those who might otherwise not be regular attenders at church – and anything which helps prospective parents and godparents to understand a bit more about the whole process is surely good news. It’s clear that a lot of work has gone into the website to make it both visually inviting and informative.

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Posted by John Percival, 24 Jul 2014

Facilitated conversations growing out of an ongoing Indaba. Unless you’re keeping up to speed with Anglican politics, that first sentence will be mostly gobbledygook. But with all these new-fangled attempts at “good disagreement” are we in danger of dialoguing to death?

It should not be a surprise that these new methods are just re-branded attempts at theological dialogue that have been taking place for centuries. More than 25 years ago, Tony Baker wrote about evangelical approaches to theological dialogue. And his article still has great relevance today, on the eve of the ‘facilitated conversations’ on the Pilling Report.

As well as highlighting a number of dangers we face in these situations, Baker helpfully lays down six principles for engagement:

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