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Posted by John Percival, 22 Jan 2015

People often comment that we live in a world full of images—a visual world, writes Adrian Lane. This article, in the latest edition of Churchman, explores the use of illustration in preaching.

The heart of Lane’s argument depends on the nature of God’s communication:

God often reveals aspects of himself and his work through careful argument, such as in the detailed reasoning in Romans 1–11 or Hebrews. However, God does not limit his revelation to argument. Indeed, the vast bulk of God’s revelation is not in this style. Nor do the Scriptures suggest that argument is a ‘higher’ order of revelation than other forms, though, of course, it is sometimes used to interpret and clarify them, just as other forms are used to clarify it.

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Posted by Rob Brewis, 8 Jan 2015

A bishop with a strategy for the evangelisation of their diocese! Yes indeed, the inimitable JC Ryle, first bishop of Liverpool. His ministry provokes many questions.

What marks a truly Reformed minister of the gospel? How do you become an impotent waste of a clergyman? Have you got a strategy for ministry or are you merely faffing in the shallow end?

This essay by Andrew Atherstone is simply wonderful and could not be more vital. It will stir the heart and get you really excited about ministry. Ryle’s strategy makes sense, is thoroughly biblical and rooted in Evangelical church history. Whilst we might be tempted to think that it is advice from yesteryear for yesteryear let me remind you of Ryle’s context as became Bishop of Liverpool.

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Posted by Lee Gatiss, 7 Jan 2015

The winter edition of Crossway has just been published, leading with an article on the fears of conservative evangelicals as we enter the new year, and the only antidote to those fears.

Church Society Council Chairman, Paul Darlington also looks at the way ahead for us after the announcement of the first women bishops, reflecting on the lessons we can learn from the book of Habakkuk.

A major article by Dr Simon Vibert from Wycliffe Hall in Oxford examines the recent changes in theological education and outlines the challenges facing tutors and ordinands at our theological colleges.

There’s a report on the ReNew conference, a book review by bestselling author Katherine Swartz, a look at the word ‘evangelical’ by Kirsty Birkett, news, a hymn, a collect, and a Bible thought from John Cheeseman, as well as an article to celebrate George Whitefield’s 300th birthday.

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