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Posted by Robin Weekes, 23 Jul 2015

Ed. Heading off on holiday this summer? Why not get hold of Ed Shaw's The Plausibility Problem for a bit of holiday reading. Robin Weekes tells us why in this review from the latest edition of Churchman:

Few of us need reminding that issues of human sexuality have become increasingly political. From the legalisation of gay marriage without an electoral mandate, to the Church of England’s increasingly open attitude to same-sex relationships in church. All of us however need to remember that this is not simply a divisive political issue—it is a deeply personal one. Of the numerous books published recently on the church and same-sex attraction, this is the most helpful both in its fidelity to Scripture, and its personal pastoral sensitivity.

Ed Shaw writes openly as a man who is attracted to other men.

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Posted by John Telford, 17 Jul 2015

John Telford turns to the BCP to explore how families can best be prepared for the baptism of their child.

The theology of Infant Baptism has bewitched the English church for years. I spent a grand total of five years full-time study at Oak Hill College, and barely a week passed where baptism wasn’t discussed by Anglicans and independent Baptists, thankfully always respectfully. I don’t intend to rehearse those arguments here. Rather I’m assuming that many readers of this blog are convinced paedobaptists who encounter a different question, one which I’ve been asked in the parish and wider diocesan contexts: What does it mean to adequately prepare a family for the baptism of their child?

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Posted by Dick Farr, 13 Jul 2015

John Simmons speaks about how to transfer the patronage of a Church of England parish.

At the recent Church Society conference “Transforming the Church”, I interviewed John Simmons, Vicar of Christ Church, Chadderton. He has experience of transferring the patronage of a Church of England parish from a set of private patrons to Church Society.

He has much wisdom to share on this subject, and why it is advantageous to have an evangelical patron. The interview is only 7 minutes long. So grab a coffee and click on the link above.

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