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Welcome to Church Society online. We exist to strengthen local churches in biblical faith and to help shape the Church of England now and for the future. Do take a look at our blog, publications and other resources here.

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Posted by Sophie Barker, 18 Apr 2018

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Church Society will be held at Oak Hill College on Saturday 12 May 2018, commencing at 11.15am.

At this meeting, held every year as part of our annual conference, we elect our honorary officers and Council, hear reports from the Director and Chairman of Finance, and have a chance to discuss issues of importance to us as a Society. If you are a member of Church Society, please come along to exercise your vote and make a contribution.

Please download the official notice of the AGM and the nomination form for those who might wish to stand for election to Council.

There will also be a vote to make Amendments to the Society’s Articles of Association, proposed by Church Society Council. The full list of proposed changes can be viewed here. The current articles of Association can be viewed here.

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Lee on the Lectionary: 4th Sunday of Easter (Year B) from Church Society on Vimeo.

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Posted by Lee Gatiss, 18 Apr 2018

Our readings this week rivet our attention on the voluntary self-giving of Christ for his people, which marks out a way for all of us to follow in building and pastoring the church.

Lee Gatiss expounds the lectionary readings for the 4th Sunday of Easter (Year B) which are Acts 4:5-12, 1 John 3:16-24, and John 10:11-18.

You can also follow along with these video expositions on the Lee on the Lectionary Facebook page. We also tweet the video link every Sunday morning at 6am for those who like a morning exposition of the word. Follow us @churchsociety.

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Picture of David Wheaton

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Posted by Gerald Bray, 17 Apr 2018

Gerald Bray pays tribute to David Wheaton, former principal of Oak Hill College and sometime vice-president of Church Society.

For many, the recent passing of David Wheaton, former principal of Oak Hill College and sometime vice-president of Church Society, will mark the end of an era in Anglican Evangelicalism. David was born on 2 June 1930 and grew up in the war years, deeply affected by the appalling suffering and deprivation that blighted the lives of so many at that time. On leaving school, he did his national service in the Wiltshire Regiment before going up to Oxford. Converted to a solid and lasting Evangelical faith in his student days, David graduated from St John’s College in 1953 and went on to take the London BD two years later. By then he was a tutor at Oak Hill College, a place he came to love and to make his own. In 1956 he married Joy Forrer, a happy union that lasted for well over half a century.

David was ordained in 1959 to a curacy at Christ Church, Enfield, while continuing to teach at Oak Hill. Three years later, he moved to become rector of Ludgershall (Oxfordshire), the parish that had been served by John Wyclif from 1368 to 1374. He greatly enjoyed the rural setting and in later years never tired of sharing stories from his time there. In 1966 David was called to St Paul, Onslow Square, and a very different kind of ministry in one of the better-off parts of London. The church had long been an Evangelical bastion and David continued that tradition. The parish has now been amalgamated with Holy Trinity, Brompton, best-known as the home of the Alpha Course.

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